High Quality Preloved TVR’s

Working exclusively with TVR since 1998, James Agger Autosport have sold in excess of 2,500 new and used TVR’s, with past experience in the very specialist market, and our expert knowledge of the TVR marque we are able to bring you the very best in high quality preloved examples of the TVR marque.

TVR Car Club Supporters

As a local TVR dealer and service agent, we are actively participate in many TVR Car Club events throughout the region, our strong links with the TVR Car Club have been built up through many years, and we enjoy every minute of getting out there and enjoying the cars with you.

TVR Heritage Network

As proud members of the TVR Heritage Network we have years of expertise and experience with the TVR, there is no better place to buy your first, or your next TVR. We offer repairs and servicing for your pride and joy offering great value and high quality service to all our customers

Current Stock

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1995 N Reg Mercedes SL 320 – Metallic Blue
Trouble Free Car
2002 52 Reg TVR Tuscan 4000cc – Moonraker Black Metallic
2001 51 Reg Tuscan 4000cc – Crystal Topaz Pearl
2003 03 Reg – 4000cc Tuscan S – Reflex Green
Coming Soon!
1990 G Reg Mercedes 300 SL – Switchable Automatic
Genuine 52,000 Miles
Y400 TVR – Great Number Plate For Sale
2005 05 Reg Tuscan MK2 S – 4000cc
1997 R Reg TVR Chimaera 4000cc – Rosso Pearl
Serpentine Engine
2004 04 Reg T350C 3600cc – Halycon Midas Pearl
1996 N Reg Griffith 5000cc – Rosso Pearl
Coming Soon!
1994 L Reg Griffith 5000cc – Monza Red
5000cc, 56,000 Miles
V8 DVW – Great plate for a V8!
On Retention
1998 S Reg Chimaera 4000cc – Pearl Blue
2008 57 Reg Tuscan 4000cc MK2 Factory Built Car
Amazing Find!
1996 N Cerbera 4200cc – Formula Red Pearl
Coming Soon!
1996 P Reg Griffith Taraka 500 – Rosso Pearl
1999 T Reg Chimaera 4000cc – Venetian Metallic Green
Last Owner 10 Years
2004 54 Reg Saab 93 – 2000cc Turbo Convertible
FSH - 68,500 Miles
2001 51 Reg Tuscan S – 4000cc
A Belter

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