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  • 1st June 2022
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Jubilee tidy up Ian giving our covered trailer a well earned wash and polish up after travelling the width and breadth of The UK this year. We might even treat it to some tyre shine. Always helpful to be able to transport our clients Sportscars whatever the weather. In the early days we would deliver a mint car only to find it was trashed by the unpredictable climate of the UK. June set for a busy month once we get the festive royal celebrations over.
Nice to see Mark Hales, who dropped in to say hello at our workshop this afternoon. Knowing TVR’s better than most Mark competed in the 1995 British GT series in a TVR Factory supplied Cerbera, then went on to win the TVR Tuscan challenge, back to back in 1993 and 1994 for TVR engineering. Some great stories this afternoon and it kept Michael, Martyn and James excited for the rest of the day! Also Mark commented please put my picture up so everyone knows I’m still around !!!!
Some great stuff in the shop this week. TVR Tuscan 4000 MK3 TVR Tuscan S TVR Griffith 4000cc MK1 TVR Griffith 5000cc Taraka TVR Chimaera 4000cc TVR T350C 3600cc Maserati Gransport Spyder 4200cc Incoming – TVR Tuscan MK2 3600cc TVR Chimaera MK1 TVR V8S Drop a line on [email protected] on what tickles your fancy

Dance by name, Dance by nature
Chris, who we have known for 20 years picking up his TVR Chimaera 4500cc after some service and suspension work this month and off back down to Wales.
Always fun in a multi-storey carpark with a TVR exhaust system.

…must be a Welsh thing ?

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