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TVR Chimaera 4500cc MK2 ready for it’s next adventures £16995
1999 model year
Latest Upgraded headlamps
Sagaris Mirrors
Aluminium Dashboard
Power Steering
ACT Silicon Hoses
Alloy Water Pipes
Upgraded Outriggers
New Discs
Just fully Serviced
12 Months MOT
Ready for next weekend…are you ?





Taking our TVR Griffith for a blow out of the cobwebs while the weather is sunny and dry


Mind you it now has a genuine 5581 miles on the clock from 1992 we didn’t want to go too mad!

TVR Tuscan road test in January 2020. Always exciting as these cars can wheelspin in the dry at 70mph, let alone these damp road conditions this week.
With a steering lock of 1.7 it’s always good to keep alert with these machines….but that’s half the fun of them right?




TVR Car Club Magazine – First edition of 2020.
An article included on our business updates on how 2019 was and our new workshop team

Two awesome TVR’s we have both sold previously coming into stock shortly – watch this space

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