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Some great stuff in the shop this week. TVR Tuscan 4000 MK3 TVR Tuscan S TVR Griffith 4000cc MK1 TVR Griffith 5000cc Taraka TVR Chimaera 4000cc TVR T350C 3600cc Maserati Gransport Spyder 4200cc Incoming – TVR Tuscan MK2 3600cc TVR Chimaera MK1 TVR V8S Drop a line on [email protected] on what tickles your fancy

Dance by name, Dance by nature
Chris, who we have known for 20 years picking up his TVR Chimaera 4500cc after some service and suspension work this month and off back down to Wales.
Always fun in a multi-storey carpark with a TVR exhaust system.

…must be a Welsh thing ?

1992 Mica Blue – currently for sale @ £21995 

Prince of Darkness anyone? 0-60 mph in 4.2 seconds 0-100 mph in 9.6 seconds 1100kg Wheel spins in third gear No traction control No Anti lock brakes No Airbags What’s not to get excited about here ! When a TVR factory spokeman was asked to comment ” ‘Does it have anti-lock brakes, or an airbag or traction control?’ ‘Nope,’ he said beamingly. ‘We’re still making our cars for heterosexuals.’ “ Don’t think car manufacturers these days will be queuing up for those marketing slogans.
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