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1999 TVR Chimaera 4000cc – ready for its next adventure

For sale @ £20750
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Work carried out by ourselves as part of the extensive perpetration

TVR Chimaera 4000cc – MK2 – 99 MY – T860 WGH

Registration Number – T860 WGH

Chassis Number         – SDLBA01R3XB001548

Engine Number          – 37A40P7541

Date Of registration   –  22041999

Mileage                      –  62900



12,000 mile factory service

Power Steering rack Refurbished

New Fuel Pipes

Blue antifreeze

Rear Hub Oil seal

20/50 Morris Classic Oil

Black  rocker Covers x 2

Rocker cover gaskets x 2

Painted Flame trap

N/S Front Lower Wishbone

O/S Front Lower Wishbone

O/F Front Upper Wishbone

N/S Front Upper Wishbone

Front Discs x 2

Front Brake calipers refurbished x 2

Track rod ends x 2

Top front swivels x 2

All front wishbone bushes C00200

Front Anti roll bar Clamps C0031

Powder coated new front/rear roll bars,

O/S Lower Rear Wishbone

N/S Lower Rear wishbone

N/S Upper Rear Wishbone

O/S Upper Rear Wishbone

Rear Chassis Brace Powder Coated

Gearbox Mounting bracket powder coated

All rear wishbone bushes replaced

Rear Discs x 2

Rear Pads

Rear Calipers Refurbished x 2

Painted Road Imola Alloy wheels x 4

ACT Silicone Hose Kit

Rear Anti Roll bar Mounting plates

Powder coated water Rail

Inline fuse 125amp

Radiator Mounting bobbins x 2

Powder Coated Exhaust Brace

Powder coated Centre Chassis strut (engine bay)

Front/Rear Number Plates

New exhaust centre bracket

Waxoyled (with clear) under chassis

New Wiper Arms/Blades

New front Splitter


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