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26th May 2020 – WE ARE NOW OPEN AGAIN

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26th May 2020


A/ Our service and preparation workshop has now recommenced business from 8.30am – 4pm Monday to Fridays.

This includes numerous social distancing and enhanced hygiene measures, new operating processes, all to ensure everyone’s safety.

B/Gradual expansion of our service, collection, delivery, and sales operations will return once we are confident that these can all be done safely. We will report on this once we are sure we and our customers are operating in a Covid-19 secure method.

C/ We are running reduced staff going forward due to social distancing, so please be patient as not all services can be carried out – certain sub-contractors, electrical specialists, accessories cannot be relied upon or controlled and some part availability will not be back to pre-virus levels.

D/ As you can appreciate certain items may take priority due to their essential, safety related nature and we can ask that certain non-essential work be booked later, ideally later in the year, (get this in our diary asap) so we keep as many of our TVR customers, both new and old on the road and happy.

TVR Sales – Buying and Selling

Whilst a buying and selling full operation is on the horizon, by opening our workshops, we will be able to re-start preparing our cars for collection, sale, upgrades when the time is right.
To purchase one of our vehicles or sell yours, initially without having to leave your own home will be now possible. Be patient once again as this will be `a work in progress’.

TVR BUYING – A vehicle, whether currently on our stock list, sold previously or you wish us to locate in our extensive back catalogue and specialist contacts, built up over three decades – then please let us know.

TVR PURCHASE FROM YOURSELF – (or anything similar), to buy outright or sell on your behalf – again let us know so we can get things moving forward..
We wish to re-start sales (safely) and proceed at a pace (fitting of our cars) with great enthusiasm, as has always been the case since 1998.

Any important changes we will communicate and update you again.

James Agger Autosport

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