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Autocar Magazines Favourite

4500cc V8
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aera 4500cc – Just out on road test and getting a fresh MOT today ready for it’s next adventure.
4500cc always seen as the smart choice investment wise on the model range as it offers 285 bhp and 300 ft.lbs of torque.
Just the right amount of extra grunt it seems for Autocar to write that it was the model they would choose, although they didn’t have to stump up the extra £2700 for the privilege when new did they!
They wrote in 1997 on the inclusion of this engine at Blackpool in the TVR Chimaera … “Superb, TVR Chimaera 4.5 is a winner”

Best of all on this one it is the later specification, with power steering, latest rear, latest wiper system, latest seat adjusters, upgrades outriggers 2019 and lights that actually work in a ‘normalish’ way in the dark.
For sale today @ £16995


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