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Dewalt Tuscans

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This year TVR partnered with the Dewalt racing team entered Lemans

With the likes of Bently spending 30 million on their successful bid this year, it was a excellent to see TVR in such a high profile event.

Both Tuscans raced hard and had very competitive times, The first TVR ended up hitting a concrete barrier at over 100 mph with car two having differential failure in the early hours of Sunday after running competively for over 10 hours straight.

Lets hope TVR can be there next year and with more Tuscans produced they will be able to run an even faster version next year!!

To Find out the latest TVR Motorsport events click the link to visit The TVR Factory Website below

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If at first you don`t succeed…

Well done to everyone at Blackpool and dewalt for putting so much effort in. Over 1300 TVR made the trip to Lemans to see you!

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