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Dial Colours

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With all TVR`s that have convientional dashboard dials, various options are available as standard and upgrades when new.

In order to continue a theme throughout a vehicle the dial combination can be critcal in order for the car to work visually.

Mint, Magnolia, Black and White dials on the Chimaera, Griffith and Cerbera were all free options.

With some colours especially yellows, oranges and reds, the TVR factory charged a further £360 for this options.

A car with the right trimmings and exterior colour but with the wrong colour dials can effect a TVR sale-ability instantly. If it has an interior colour that is an inbetween usually a plain white or magnolia works, if as above a pearl yellow Cerbera with yellow stitching is ordered new the £360 option is well worth paying for to make the car another Blackpool masterpiece.

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