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High Specification 5000 for sale @ £19999

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TVR Chimaera 5000 cc
High Specification Car – £19995
PAS, Sapphire Blue, Portland/Prussian Hide, Blue Mohair Roof, Electric Power Steering
Upgraded 17 Inch Alloys, Nitron Adjustable Suspension
Faired Upgraded Headlamps, Afterburner Enclosed Rear Lights
ACT Y Piece Exahausts, ACT Exhaust Manifolds
Silicon Hose Upgrade, Ceramic HT Leads
Upgraded Alarm/Immobilser with Boot remote, Waxoyled Chassis,
Alloy Dash Upgrade, Serpentine Engine, T5 Gearbox,
Sold Previously, 12 Months MOT,
60500 Miles
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