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How fast do they go?

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Well indeed..the answer of course is 70 mph

But on a track day or the Autobahn they have been know to produce higher figures.

There are not many supercars that can do this for the same amount of funds.

This shot shows what sort of readings a Cerbera 4500cc should be expected to read at around 70 mph. This particular ones reads a tiny bit high on the temperature due to the fact that it has just come out of traffic in Aberdeen.

TVR Engineering Quote the following figures:-

4000cc – 152 mph, 4500cc – 160 mph, 5000cc – 167 mph

5000cc – 167 mph

4000cc – 170 mph, 4200cc – 180 mph, 4500cc – 190 mph +

3600cc – 175 mph +

3600cc – 175 mph +

3600cc – 180 mph +, 4000cc – 180 mph +

Tuscan S
4000cc – 195 mph +

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