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Original Cerbera

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When the Cerbera was first launched to the TVR Network in 1996 it was originally sporting faired in headlamps.

This press photo from Blackpool was given out at the first Motorshow and the car toured all the main dealers at the time.

The car has stayed true to it`s original concept unlike many other concepts and has proved a great steady seller throughout it`s life. The headlamps were always a issue to someone and still today the jury is out as to what looks best. Traditionalist like the British Sportscar look, yet many more extrovert owners prefer the Lightweight or Speed Twelve light combination.

Which ever one you like, if the job is done in a quality way it seems to be fine.

Not totally sure on the colour combination and that concerns most people more, but each to their own.

It was a totally new car from TVR and paved the way for the next generation of TVR`s for the next 8 years.

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