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Who buys a Cerbera?

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Well that`s a good point.

Owning a TVR is a dream that few people realise. Those that do will find it hard to leave the marque, and what do you have next..well after a Chimaera 4000 you could go up engine sizes or jump up to a larger more specialised variant the Cerbera. After owning a this immaculate Cooper Green Chimaera for over 6 years Martin plumped for our equally well looked after Imperial Blue Cerbera 4500.

Although Martin loved his Chimaera and could not recall a time that he drove it in the rain throughout ownership he was lost for words after spending ten minutes in our 4500cc AJP V8, with optional sports exhausts.

He liked it so much that within 60 hours of that drive he was the proud owner of it.

You only live once so I`m reliably told

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