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Factory MK3 TVR Tuscan

Just nearing completion for sale this month




Click and collect

The boys are back in town !

Paul and his son ready for lift off in their lovely new TVR Tuscan supplied and prepared by ourselves

Treat yourself and buy the best



Time to release the beast this afternoon as it needed some fresh air to turn into pure filth!

Thought we would give you some classic TVR quotes by the Petrolhead Jeremy Clarkson

I love the way they’ve grouped the instruments above and below the steering wheel, I love the buttons on the steering wheel, I love the swoopiness of this dash, it’s like something out of the fifties………..the twooooo thousand and fifties

I’m too gay to drive a TVR

In terms of power and guts, then, this TVR is the bantamweight that could take down a bulldozer

A man’s car

Some cars are girly, but not this one; it’s a man, and not a washboard-stomached male model either. This is a big, hulking bouncer with a neck like a birthday cake and a fondness [...]

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