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TVR Chimaera 5000cc

Super rare late, 2000 model year, known by ourselves for the past 17 years and sold earlier this year after a substantial future proofing by ourselves, it turns out trying to have a Ducati and a 5000cc V8 isn’t compatible with your wife in 2021.

Great stock car for ourselves and has just had a full Gyeon Duraflex ceramic coating (whatever that means)

Sitting on the factory Estoril alloys and a lovely detailed engine bay, including a beautifully made Clive Y-piece exhaust and some sexy red rocker covers.

Not one to hang around long





This late mint TVR Tuscan MK3 is off to the other side of the world (New Zealand) and after a 430am start it’s down at Southampton docks for 8am on the dot.


Great Christmas present for the new owner and his wife.


Let’s hope it doesn’t get stuck in the Suez Canal.


Buying and selling the best examples across the world since 1998.










David from HF Solutions came in today to sort out a few TVR Meta Alarm/Immobiliser updates and help make some of our TVR’s just that little bit more crisper, back to factory specification if not better with some clever little additions and knowledge. Sunset Yellow TVR Griffith getting a few updates and a nice remote boot release system. Great guy to know to get you out of a pickle…especially if you’re based near Rutland.
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2006 06 TVR Tuscan MK3 – SOLD Having some final checks before it goes off on its new travels far, far away ! Best cars and best prepared stuff takes time and effort to find and retail. Find the best you can every time, whatever it is in life. #jamesaggerautosport #tvr #tvrheritagedealer #tvrperformancedealer #tvrtuscan #grigioalloy #englishsportscars #jamesagger
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