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Super early TVR Griffith pre cat into stock

Registered 6th February 1992

A really well loved example and one of the early better built versions that they took a little bit more time and effort on.

You can see this with the extra little touches it has that were dropped from the later cars as too fiddly and not cost effective.

Great keeper for someone, under 50k in miles, Outriggers done, new Dashboard 2019 and some lovely unmarked diamond cut factory Gotyi alloy wheels.

2006 06 Reg, TVR Tuscan Updated Sunny Pictures today!

Rare late TVR Tuscan in a full convertible - £44995

TVR Tuscan MK3 2006 06 Reg, Convertible 4000cc – Formula Red Pearl, Full Black Hide Leather Interior, Carbon Factory Inserts, Last Edition Dashboard and Interior, Roll Hoops, Omex Engine Management, Air Conditioning, 18 Inch Anthracite Alloys, ACT Stainless Exhaust System, Carbon Can Company Sports Pipes, Hirschmamn Bee- Sting Ariel, Black Mohair Roof, GAZ Adjustable Suspension, Blackpool Factory Built Car,  Sold Previously, Featured in a music video, Full History, 38800 miles £44995 











TVR Service side flat out at

Super busy last few years in our workshops on the service side


TVR work coming thick and fast and if you do need anything doing be sure to let us know as early as you can so we can assist in all things TVR’s

Also if you like one of our TVR’s for sale then let us know as soon as you can




TVR Sagaris central this week

Some great late model TVR’s for sales and service








Classic car meeting at Greetham, Rutland

Great little turn out if not a touch nippy


We took three TVR’s from base camp and met quite a few of our customers at the event, not a bad turnout considering the temperature and weeks wet weather.


Should be a a good turnout next month.

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